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The Deep End Friends Podcast

Mar 22, 2020

Carl Livingston is the lead professor in the Political Science Department at Seattle Central College (SCC). A graduate of Notre Dame Law School, he has been an adjunct Business Law professor at Seattle Pacific University’s School of Business and at South Seattle College. He was chair of the panel appointed by the Seattle City Council that reported on the inadequate preparations of the 1999 WTO Ministerial Conference in Seattle. Carl is the author of a scholarly article entitled “Affirmative Action on Trial: The Retraction of Affirmative Action and the Case for its Retention” published by the Howard Law Journal published, and spoke against the passage of I-200 throughout western Washington. He wrote Shoestrings & Bootstraps: A Development Plan for Black America and held development conferences even at SCC. He is working on the manuscript, Outing the Southern Strategy. He pastors Kingdom Christian Center. Carl has delivered the Martin Luther King keynote speeches for the cities of Moses Lake, Federal Way, and for the Seattle Colleges.