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The Deep End Friends Podcast

May 10, 2020

BJ STAR (they/them) is an experience designer, facilitator, and consultant invested in transformational learning, building powerful teams, and transitioning to a life-affirming society. BJ began as a trainer with Generation Waking Up and The Work That Reconnects, and has grown several organizations that strengthen Black, POC, womxn, and youth leadership throughout the country.

Today they are an independent facilitator at BJSTAR Consulting and a member of the Wildfire Project. BJ currently supports organizations such as Young Women’s Leadership, Healing Justice Podcast, Color of Change,, SustainUS, National Bail Out, OPAL Environmental Justice, and Amazon Employees for Climate Justice. 

10 years of facilitation, 18 years of praxis, and 35 years inside a queer/trans black body have elicited keen sight, grounded presence, and a tendency toward blessed unrest.