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The Deep End Friends Podcast

Nov 11, 2018

Jordan Chaney is a spoken word poet, author, public speaker, teacher, mentor, and all-around creative residing in Eastern Washington’s wine country.

Awarded the 2017 Commitment to Diversity award by AACCES, Jordan also guest speaks at colleges on race, politics, and social justice.

He is the author of WOLF seven poems – a book on race, politics, and social justice, Art of the Spoken Word – a workbook for enhancing communication skills, creativity, and confidence, Rocket Fuel for Dreamers, a poetry book about love and manifesting one’s dreams, and Double-Barreled Bible, a collection of urban poems that blend Eastern and Western philosophies. He has also written a children's book, M.C. Seuss: Once Upon a Rhyme.

He created Urban Poets Society, a youth-leadership program that promotes arts, literacy, and leadership in his community. He most recently started a series of events called Poet Jordan Presents. His guests so far have included Ijeoma Olu and T.J. Martin. He currently teaches a performance poetry and communications class at a local Juvenile Detention Center, where he helps youth find their voice through the power of poetry.