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The Deep End Friends Podcast

Mar 17, 2019

Michael B. Maine. Seattle-based photographer and creative director. He combines an understanding of business, art, and social systems to bring about awareness and action around issues such as homelessness, media literacy, and human trafficking. Committed to volunteer service in the community, Michael is currently the board president of both Reel Grrls, a youth media program that teaches young people how to express themselves through film and B.E.S.T (Business Ending Slavery and Trafficking), a collaborative non-profit that's working to reduce sex trafficking by establishing best practices, alliances, and policies with and through business.

Michael holds a BA in business from Southwestern University and an MBA in sustainable systems from Pinchot University. In terms of photography, he is working hard to bring to light people and groups that are underrepresented in the media. In projects such as Homogeneity is a Myth, Michael explores how we perceive things differently when a person's most defining physical features are covered. His professional work ranges from events to editorial to fashion-all through a lens of social equity.