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The Deep End Friends Podcast

Mar 8, 2020

Patricia Valentine Jones was born and raised in Chowchilla, California. She moved to Sacramento in 1960, married and had two daughters.  As a young person she sang in a 125 voice community choir.  The Voices of Inspiration traveled to Seattle to sing at the worlds fair in 1962.  Little did she know she would move to Seattle in 1982 to marry and live.  She began her work career as a Cosmetologist in California and continued her profession in Seattle at a couple salons around town.  Patricia worked as a house cleaner with “Extra Hands” to learn her way around Seattle.  She then returned to Beauty college to become an Instructor of Cosmetology. Patricia taught at two private Beauty schools before being hired at Seattle Central Community College, where she retired from in 2010. 
Since retirement she developed a Self Love Connection program, she is now a Grief Recovery Specialist, a Reiki Master and sings with “The Sound of the NorthWest”. 
After being single for 29 years she is now happily married and does Airbnb two rooms in her home.