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The Deep End Friends Podcast

Aug 5, 2018

Joshunda is a Bronx native obsessed with moving stories about black women from the margins to the center of everything. She writes fiction, journalism, poetry and essays. She was the receipt of a 2017 Hedgebrook Writing Residency and selected as one of four Young Women Empowered Teaching Artists. She has presented and lectured on college campuses across the country including at Old Dominion, Princeton, Bard, Iona and Pittsburg State University. Her work has appeared in the DAME Magazine, Bellevue Literary Review, Buzzfeed,  Salon, Publishers Weekly, The Week, Bitch Magazine, Gawker, Kirkus Reviews and many other outlets. Her books include: Single & Happy: The Party of Ones, How Racism and Sexism Killed Traditional Media: Why the Future of Journalism Depends on Women and People of Color, the novella All City, and The Beautiful Darkness: A Handbook for Orphans. She served as Principal Deputy Press Secretary at the Department of Energy during the Obama Administration. She currently works as Director of Communications in North America at She lives in her hometown, New York City. She tweets at @JoshundaSanders & blogs at