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The Deep End Friends Podcast

May 19, 2019

Chef Tarik Abdullah is a chef, artist, innovator, and community activist. His culinary creations honor traditions using spices spanning from North Africa, South East Asia and the Mediterranean; and inspired by the tastes and flavors of his childhood. Growing up in a Muslim family and broader community where ethnic foods were the norm, his artistry comes through not only in his food, but in his everyday interactions with people - sharing his passion for cooking with the younger generation by teaching week-long summer camps called “In the Kitchen with Chef T”, or the current Project Midnight Mecca. Abdullah also appeared on ABC’s “The Taste,” a competitive cooking show on which he spent six episodes winning Anthony Bourdain’s favor, shortly after, “The MUNCHIES Guest to Washington State” on VICE, and more recently, a Visit Seattle and REVOLT TV co-production called Turning Tables, a new primetime series that connects music with food. Last year he also received the 2018 Mayor’s Arts Awards for building community through food.