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The Deep End Friends Podcast

Sep 21, 2020

On Sept 6, 2020 The Deep End hosted it's Season 3 Finale livestreaming through Seattle Town Hall. The theme was Black healing and we interviewed Mary Williams, Victoria Santos, Rocky Lester, and Taqueet$.

Mary Williams is an anthropology student at the University of Washington who is studying coping strategies for viral Black death. She is the co-founder of Blackout Healing and co-organized the Blackout of the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest on Juneteenth, re-center the protest on Black healing and Black lives from Black death. 

Victoria Santos is the Co-director of Young Women Empowered. She is a healer and teacher of meditation and yoga. She has led many grief rituals and is constantly studying new modalities for self and community healing.

Rocky Lester is a gifted mystic and healer, a spiritual leader and founder of One Race One Humanity. His passion for enriching the lives of others and empowering individuals, families, and communities derives from a firm belief; that we are the ones they will call change makers.

Born and raised in Seattle, TAQUEET$! Is a movement artist with a style all her own. Her tagline “The Physical Representation Of Sound” .